Reopen a GMB Profile Marked as Permanently Closed

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Are you having problems with your Google My Business account?

This week, I helped a client who had been struggling with their Google My Business (GMB) profile for over a year.

Andrew has a business with 4 locations and a few years ago he closed one and marked it as Permanently Closed in GMB. This is exactly what was supposed to happen.

The problem arose when Andrew decided to re-open the location. Unfortunately, he never had access to his GMB account and an employee had been managing it!

When the time came to mark the business as OPEN on Google, no one knew who had access to it.

Marietta GA business permanently closed google map
This Marietta GA business really is closed for business.

Business Permanently Closed – No Access to GMB Account 

After struggling for over a year and missing out on customers that figured if Google said their business is closed, then the business is really closed, they reached out to me for help.

I’ve dealt with numerous GMB problems over the years and every one of them is a bit different.  There’s never a set answer or timeframe for the fix.

I let my clients know this upfront and then get to work.

Remember, Andrew was struggling to get his business OPEN on Google for over a year. Once I started working on the profile, I was able to gain control of the profile and re-open it on Google in a DAY!

All of that struggling and missed customers and I resolved his issue in just a day.

His response: “OMG! You are my Hero!”

This was a great feeling – being able to truly help my clients and their business.

I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients, especially small businesses that are struggling. It’s so satisfying to get their business on the Map and thriving again.

Live on the Google Map

Several weeks ago, Melissa came to me needing help with her GMB Profile. She’s a realtor that had gotten someone else to try to get her account setup, but they were unsuccessful.  

Jennifer saw lots of realtors listings on GMB and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t able to get her profile on the map so she could start getting reviews and having her listing send her new clients.

After talking with her, I knew I would be able to help. Her business absolutely qualifies for a GMB profile; it simply needed to be handled properly.

You Don’t OWN your Google Profile

Remember that Google owns the platform and makes the rules. If you don’t understand their nuances or aren’t following their guidelines, you can run into problems.

Jennifer was skeptical because she hadn’t had success in the past, but after talking it through, I convinced her that yes, I can help!  

It was a great feeling when I contacted Jennifer this week and told her that her listing was now Live on the Map!  

Other Google My Business Problems

When it comes to GMB, I never know what I’m going to find when I delve into a business profile. I’ve resolved quite a few problems for businesses over the years, including:

  • Account Suspensions
  • Account Lockouts
  • Correct Pin on the Google Map
  • Suspension Loop

GMB Problems?

Have you been struggling with your GMB profile for a while? How much lost business is it costing you?

My GMB Fix It services are designed to help local businesses like you that are struggling and losing out on business to the competition. What is your business’s issue with your GMB Profile?

Tricia Clements

I help small businesses get found online. My work focuses on your business’s Google Profile (Google My Business), Implementing a Review Strategy, Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), business branding, and website optimization.

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