Virtual Business
have become
a necessity in today’s
digital world.

 Are you keeping up with the times? Whether it’s an in-person or virtual event, you need to stay connected and make sure customers, potential customers, networking partners, and friends have your contact information to contact you or refer you.

Your virtual or digital business card is simply a digital version of your paper business card.  The best part is you never run out, you don’t lose it, and it’s easily shared via text, email, or social media!

Especially when you meet virtually with customers, potential customers, networking partners, and friends; it’s essential to stay connected and have your contact information at the tip of their fingers.

What is a
Virtual Business

Why you need
a Virtual Business

Virtual Business Cards are flexible and can be updated easily if your contact information changes.  Better than paper business cards, it contains links to your social media, email, phone, and other contact information. Your customers can view it and download your information directly to their contacts and save it on their Android or iPhone!

The next time you call your customer, your photo and information will show on their phone screen – your customers will answer it because they will know it’s you and not a spam call.

 No one leaves home without their phone. Your information is right there, not sitting in their office in a shoebox!

There are so many social platforms it can be hard to provide all the information when you meet someone. If they have your Virtual Business Card, they simply need to click the icon, no more fat fingers, typos or autocorrect – they will find you!

In the digital age,
a virtual business
card is essential.


Gone are the days of ordering new paper business cards, waiting weeks for your package to arrive, getting a large stack of business cards in, and then having your contact information change!  Your leftovers get pitched in the trash.

Your virtual business card is super easy to update! You submit your change and it’s done immediately. No waiting, no waste, and no large outlay of money because you won’t run out!

With a Virtual Business Card

  • Never Run Out
  • Never Leave Your Business Cards at Home
  • Contact Free
  • No one will lose them
  • You’ll Stand Out – On the Cutting Edge of Technology
  • Elevate your Brand
  • Easily Shared By Customers and Networking Partners
  • Cost Effective vs Paper Cards


You Only Get One First Impression – Make It Count!

Our Virtual Business Cards are Different

Branding your business is important.

Our business cards are different; they are all about YOU and your business.

You wouldn’t go to local or online printer and find it acceptable if your business cards came back with the printer’s logo on the back, so why would that be acceptable for a virtual business card to have someone else’s logo on it or be on someone else’s website address – It’s NOT.

Experience the Difference

  • Unique to you with your brand logo and colors
  • BRANDED to YOU and YOUR business on a subdomain of your website. EX:
  • My logo/name are not on YOUR virtual business card
  • No Apps Required
    • Download Icon saves your file directly to their phone contacts
  • Works on Android and iPhones
  • Easy to Use
  • Social Media Icons hyperlinked directly to your business profile
  • Phone, Text and Email Icons hyperlinked to open those apps on the phone when clicked
  • Connected to your Google My Business Profile
    • Goes to your Google Reviews
    • Address goes to your GMB Profile in Google Maps 

Virtual Business Card Pricing

$199 Setup

$5/month Hosting




  • Branded to your business on a subdomain 
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Up to 2 revisions for final product
  • Security (https)
  • Up to 2,000 traffic per month (contact us to discuss higher traffic)
  • Upon payment, the virtual business card form must be completed and emailed within 45 days of ordering.

Get Paid for Referrals!

For every person you send to us that purchases a Virtual Business Card, you’ll receive a $50 Check. That’s right, a $50 check, not a gift card or credit. Contact Us to Sign Up. 

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