Google Business Profile
White Label

Google Business Profile
White Label

What is Google
Business Profile
White Label Service?

Do you want to increase your agency’s recurring revenue? 

Our Google Business Profile (GBP) White Label services was designed for your agency.

You don’t have time to be the expert in everything, especially with ever-changing technologies. Platforms online move at the speed of light. Whether you currently provide website design, social media management, PPC campaigns, or other online marketing, you already have the customers.

The best part is you don’t need to keep up with Google guideline clarifications and new features. Let us handle all that extra work for you!

Offer this new service to your clients, GBP Management, and let us do the work for you behind the scenes.  You continue to work directly with your client that you have built a relationship with and we won’t contact them.  We are there for you doing the work and answering any questions you have. This means more money for your agency without additional work, learning or keeping up with GMB!

Adding this new
service will boost
your client’s bottom
line and make you
their superstar!

Grow Your Agency’s
Recurring Revenue

Your clients are local businesses that need to get more customers through leads and conversions.  Most businesses don't understand the importance of their GBP and miss the opportunity. Help your clients increase their bottom line by including GBP Management in their local marketing strategy.

Your customers look to you for guidance to stay on top of new and changing technologies.  GBP is often referred to as a business’s new homepage because some customers call or make an appointment right there from your GBP without ever making it to your website. 

Why You Need
Business Profile

GBP pages must
be optimized
and effectively

You can’t just set it and forget it. GBP doesn’t work like that! 

A consistently optimized and monitored GBP account will work for your client’s business getting them leads and conversions.

GBP and Local SEO is what we do. You now have the experts on your team, so you can impress your clients without adding more work to your busy schedule. 

  • White Label Support
  • Monthly White Label Reports
  • Unbranded GBP Account Access
  • GBP Audit and Monthly Account Management

Google Business Profile Management
Services for
Agencies Includes

GBP Experts on Your Team

Discuss White Labeling GBP For Your Clients Businesses

How GBP White Label Services Work - FAQ

What do we need from you, the agency?

Once you sign up, you’ll be directed to an online intake form. You can complete it or send it to your client to complete – it’s up to you. It is on an unbranded domain. 

Where does the monthly content come from?

We’ll be posting weekly to your client’s GBP account.  There is an online form to provide the information needed every month. You or your client can upload the necessary content, including photos, specials, etc.

How are your clients contacted?

We won’t contact your clients directly. For monthly content, either you or your client will complete our online form.  It is entirely White Labeled; the choice is yours.

If there are questions, we will contact you for additional information.  For example, we will send any 3 star or below reviews to you with a proposed response to get additional information from the business about the review before we post the reply. 

Is there a set price we are required to charge?

No, you set your fees with your client. You decide what your profit margin is, not us!

How do we begin?

Ready to boost your agency’s recurring revenue?  Contact Us for More Information on White Labeling.

Are referral fees an option if I don’t want to offer GBP Management services?

Yes! If you aren’t looking to add another service and prefer your client simply contact us directly, we offer referral fees.

Boost your client’s online presence and leads while increasing your recurring revenue with GBP!

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