GBP Fix It™ is here to help!

GBP problems are our expertise. 

We keep up with nuances in the guidelines, clarifications and even known bugs in Google so you don’t have to.


Here are some GBP Problems we help with.

Account Suspension

When an account is suspended, you cannot reply to reviews or make business updates, but online users can suggest edits; these edits may or may not be correct.

Suspension Loop

You were able to get your GBP account un-suspended but were required to re-verify it with Google. Immediately after you re-verify your account, it becomes suspended again. This “loop” continues without being able to get your account out of suspension and re-verified.

Account Lockout

You cannot access your GMB profile to make edits, updates or reply to reviews.

Moving Reviews From a Location That Is Closing

You have two (or more) locations, and you are closing one.  You don’t want to lose all of your reviews that you worked hard to get.  Before making any changes in your GBP Dashboard, you need to get those reviews moved to the location that will remain open. Reviews help your business’s online reputation and help you get found online.

Correct Pin on the Google Map

Sending customers to the wrong location is a bad customer experience, can harm your reputation and lead to negative reviews.  Your Google Map Pin needs to be in the correct location to avoid negative customer experiences.

Permanently Closed

Is your Business marked as Permanently Closed on Google and you don’t have access to your GBP profile? If Google says your business is closed, then your customers think you are closed.

One of the biggest problems businesses find themselves facing is understanding the nuances in Google’s Guidelines.  We’ll review your account to determine if you are in compliance and, if not, make the necessary updates to bring your business in compliance so you’re back on good terms with Google.

Is Your Business
with Google

We help you get
in compliance
and stay there.

If you are not in compliance with Google, fixing one issue will result in another problem in the future.  We help you get in compliance and stay there.  This means less likelihood for account problems in the future.   

GBP Fix It™ Pricing

Every business and circumstance is different. When it comes to fixing your GBP account, this is especially true and why there is no set price listed here to fix it. It depends on your specific problem.  You will work one on one with me, Tricia Clements, to determine your specific GBP account problem and what steps we need to take to resolve it.

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