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What are

Citations are online business directories that contain your business’s NAP(W) – Name, Address, Phone and Website. Some examples include your Google My Business Profile, Facebook, BBB, Nextdoor etc.

Technology is always changing and that’s particularly true when it comes to building your business’s online citations. It used to be the case that quantity was the key. Not anymore!

Today quality is key when it comes to building citations. This is good news for your business because you don’t have to pay recuring monthly fees to keep up with citations.

We get the best
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Why Your
Business Needs
Good Citations

Having a good foundation of citations for your business helps search engines Trust your business. 

Citations help Google and customers recognize your business’s E-A-T! Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Customers will choose YOU over your competitors.   

Have you ever moved? Is your business name listed six ways to Sunday? If so, your citations need to be cleaned up. You would be surprised at some of the messes I’ve seen. Information that changed 5-10 years ago is showing as current! That’s not good for the customer experience or search engines. Just imagine a customer showing up at your business address and you moved several years ago! They’re not going to be a happy customer.

Your citations
need to be
consistent and

How do

The first step is to take a look at your online presence and see what’s out there before working on your citations. Some sites may have correct information and not need any updating. Instead of focusing on those, we’ll concentrate on your citations that need to be corrected and new citations that you don’t currently have but will benefit your business.

For instance, not many have heard of “My Huckleberry” directory and it’s not going to give your business any benefit, so why pay to get your information sent to it and other citations that won’t benefit your business? I focus on sites that do.  

Once your business’s citation audit is complete, I’ll know what sites we need to concentrate our efforts on to improve trust for your business online.  

While citations aren’t as important as they used to be, if your information is incorrect or not listed on many directories, it means that the search engines and potential customers won’t trust your business or the information they find about your business.

You could
lose out to
the competition.
Don’t let
that happen!

What is
a Data

Along with the audit and cleanup/new citations, I also submit your business to data aggregators. Data aggregators are companies that collect business data and distributes it out to various places like marketers, publishers, social media, and search engines. 

That junk email or spam call you got today most likely got your information from a data aggregator.

Businesses should submit their information to the three US Data aggregators yearly as the information is considered stale after about a year. These data aggregators have merged and changed names over the last few years and currently include Data Axle (was Infogroup), Foursquare (includes Factual) and Neustar (Localeze).


Once the initial audit and cleanup/new citations and data aggregator submissions are complete, the only thing to do is to review your citations each year, make sure there haven’t been any changes that show incorrect information and submit your business information to the data aggregators. 

That’s right, no monthly fees or contracts. You have that marketing money to spend on other important areas that impact your business revenue – Google My Business!

The bottom line is that your business information on websites that you don’t even know about can impact your business’s reputation. You need to start with an audit to see what’s there, then I’ll run a citation campaign.  Once that’s done, your business will need a yearly review and aggregator campaign.  No monthly fees, no contracts!

Your Business’s

What happens
if I have a
real mess?

The pricing below includes cleanup/addition of 25 business citations.  If your business has had a significant amount of changes and the audit shows that you need a substantial amount of cleanup, which is above 25, we will contact you prior to any citation submissions for pricing.


Citation Audit & Cleanup

$450 one time

  • Audit Citations
  • One Time Cost
  • Update/Add 25 Citations
  • Citations relevant to your business
  • You’ll have control over the citations, you aren’t “renting” them from us
  • No Contracts

Yearly Data Aggregator Submission

$250 /year

  • No Contracts
  • Business submitted to US Data Aggregators
  • Information is not deleted after a year, it’s considered stale and yearly submission is recommended, not required.

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