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Are You Still Using Linktree?

You shouldn’t use Linktree, here’s what to do instead

Linktree is on the right path

Some social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok don’t allow a link in your posts.  You typically have one link in your bio to give out. Do you know what link you should use?

You need to optimize that one link. It’s not a good idea to update it often.  People don’t necessarily view your content in the order you upload it.  If you constantly update the link in your bio to go with your post, viewers will get frustrated when they see an older post and your link doesn’t give them the additional information they were looking for.

Linktree has become the go-to for “Link in Bio” links.  While I like the idea of Linktree, having all of your pertinent links in one place, especially if you mention a special or a new blog post on your website, there’s a much better way to do it.

Why is Linktree bad for business?

You’ve probably heard me say this a gazillion times:

As a business, you need to own your 💩!

Your social media marketing strategy shouldn’t include sending your customers and clients to someone else’s website!  You should OWN the site you are sending them to if it’s the only link you get to give them.

I get it, Linktree makes it easy to set up a free account, but it’s not branded exactly to your business’s colors, logo and website.

Any links you put in your social media bios should be Branded to Your Business!

You should drive traffic to your website, not someone else’s site.

Linktree banned?

Linktree has had issues in the past with being banned from Instagram for breaking community standards.  This has been worked out for now, and it’s no longer banned, but when it was, any Linktree link in a business’s Instagram bio was broken! 

If Instagram or any other social media platform believes a link is Spam, it won’t be clickable.  How much business could you lose from this?    

Linktree Alternatives

While Linktree is often considered your “Link in Bio” link, you shouldn’t be using it or any other type of similar service that leads customers to someone else’s website for your business.

Send customers to YOUR website!

There are different ways you can accomplish this while keeping your links branded to your business.  Here are my top two ways to use “Link in Bio”:

1. Virtual Business Card

  • I want my clients to keep their branding consistent and send their customers to a site they OWN.  This is why I set up my Virtual Business Cards on your subdomain, not my site.
  • Your virtual business card has all of your contact information, just like your printed business card.
  • My virtual business cards are branded on your website, with your brand colors and logo!

2. Add a New Page on YOUR website

  • If you don’t want to send people to your Virtual Business Card, set up a separate page on your website to use for “Link in Bio”.
  • Because it’s a new page on your existing website, it’s already branded to your business.  You just need to decide what you want to showcase.
  • I set up a “Connect with Your Biz Watchdog” page on my website to use!

No matter what you do instead of Linktree, make sure it has your branding and is on your website.

Get your Virtual Business Card to use for your Link in Bio today!

Tricia Clements

I help small businesses get found online. My work focuses on your business’s Google Profile (Google My Business), Implementing a Review Strategy, Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), business branding, and website optimization.

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