Do you have a GMB ShortName?

GMB ShortName Depreciated
Google Depreciated GMB ShortNames

Did you set up a GMB ShortName for your Google My Business (GMB) profile?  A GMB ShortName is a way to create a short, branded link to your GMB profile AND also a short link to ask for reviews.

For example, my GMB ShortName is YourBizWatchdog.  I can give out this link to my GMB profile: and also have a link for a client to directly leave a review:

Google recently decided to “depreciate” GMB ShortNames. 

What does this mean for your business?

If you previously set up your GMB ShortName, there is nothing to do, EXCEPT do not attempt to edit or change it in any way.  If you do attempt to edit your GMB ShortName, you will lose it and will not be able to get it back.

If you didn’t setup a GMB ShortName previously, it’s too late.  Google simply decided to make the update and not give any warning.  This means you will not be able to set one up for your business.

Why did Google depreciate GMB ShortNames?

Google typically doesn’t give a reason why they make changes like this, but instead gives their standard reply that they are constantly testing and updating features. 

I believe that Google did away with GMB ShortNames because they didn’t see many businesses using them.  Of course, Google didn’t promote them to businesses so they would be used more!

I really liked ShortNames and found it easy to be able to give out when asking for a review. It’s a feature I wish Google had hung onto. 

Did you get a GMB ShortName while they were available? Do you need help getting more reviews for your business? Consistently getting Google Reviews is one of the most important factors for Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Getting found online).

Grab a chat with me and we can setup a review system for your business. 

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I help small businesses get found online. My work focuses on your business’s Google Profile (Google My Business), Implementing a Review Strategy, Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), business branding, and website optimization.

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