160 Reviews – GONE! GMB Fix It™ got them back!

Google my business mobile search problems

Lost Google Reviews!

Steven owns a pest control company and recently contacted me in a real panic! He had tried numerous times over the course of a few days to reply to a Google review, but he couldn’t access his profile.

Can you imagine!? Not being having access to your GMB account? That’s like not being able to make a change to your website or not having access to your own url… BUT, this was way worse!

This is Steven’s busy season, so he didn’t have any extra time to spend trying to figure this out. He needed to be servicing his clients to help them get rid of mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and all kinds of other pesky bugs that are bothering people this time of the year.

Customers are searching Google looking for relief from pests and he couldn’t show them he cares about customers by responding to reviews! Yes! Replying to reviews is important for GMB Conversions – turning searchers into customers!

Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse…it DID!

Steven’s listing, along with all 160 reviews, completely disappeared from Google!

This means Steven’s business won’t come up AT ALL when people are searching for pest control companies on Google – the #1 search engine.

Over 87% of ALL searches happen on Google.

Not only was Steven invisible to his customers, but at the worst possible time – during his busy season.

Luckily Steven was referred to me to help him with my GMB Fix It™ services.

When Steven called me, I immediately discovered Google had suspended his account and removed it from the map.  I’ve done hundreds of these reviews, so I was able to quickly determine what problems the account had, fix them and send the necessary documentation to Google.

Google responded to me within 12 hours with a reinstatement notice! 

Steven’s business is now LIVE on the map with all 160 reviews back. He is showing up again in Google searches.

Get It Right the First Time

If you don’t send Google what they need on the first try, it can take much longer to get your business reinstated from a suspension. This is time you will suffer from lost business.

Google typically won’t tell you why you are suspended, however they have been including hints if you receive an email notice of suspension.

Steven never got an email notice from Google about his GMB Profile suspension.

Google doesn’t give you a list of information they need to get your business reinstated and back live on the map.  Every case is different and knowing what to do comes from experience in dealing with fixing Google suspensions.

Your Business’s GMB Profile is Priceless!

  • GMB problems are urgent. Get help immediately.
  • Waiting can exacerbate the GMB problem and increase your chance of losing your priceless reviews.
  • If you don’t follow Google Guideline’s, you risk losing your business’s GMB profile along with your reviews.
  • If you have someone work on your GMB profile who isn’t familiar with Google’s nuances and doesn’t keep up with updates to their guidelines, at best, you’ll lose business from it; at worst, you can lose your GMB profile.
  • Once your business has been suspended – you are under Google’s microscope.
  • Don’t wait until your busy season to see if your business is following Google Guidelines.  That’s not the time you want Google to tell you there’s a problem! Get help now.

Your Biz Watchdog’s Guarantee to You:

Everything done to your GMB Profile will be complaint with Google’s current guidelines.

That means you don’t have to worry about losing your GMB profile.  Your business’s GMB profile gets setup the right way and we don’t try to trick Google.  Businesses that think they can trick Google can get banned by Google.

Don’t get YOUR business banned by Google!

GMB Problems? GMB Fix It™ can help. Contact me today.

What exactly is Google My Business (GMB)?

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile has your business’s Google Reviews.  This is a huge part of your business’s reputation.

Some people refer to it as their “Pin on the Map” because one place you’ll find your profile is on Google’s Map.

For example, you can Google “best home deck builder near me” and various businesses come up on the map.

Google my business screenshot
Google My Business Screenshot

Google your business or a service you provide and what comes up. Are you in the results?

Find your listing on the Google Map. What does it look like?

Here’s a link to my Google My Business Profile

Your Biz Watchdog GMB Profile
Your Biz Watchdog GMB Profile

Your GMB profile improves your business’s visibility online.

What do people see when they find you? Do they want to select your business or does a competitor look more reliable and trustworthy? (Hint: Reviews Boost Your Business’s Trustworthiness!)

Why Is GMB So Important for Your Business?

Google owns the online review space.

“Nearly 70% of all online reviews are written on Google. Compare that to Yelp with 2% and Facebook with 7%.”

~2021 Birdeye customer review analysis

Businesses with a GMB profile know how important it is. They know new customers find and contact them from their GMB profile.

GMB Problems? GMB Fix It™ can help. Contact me today.

Tricia Clements

I help small businesses get found online. My work focuses on your business’s Google Profile (Google My Business), Implementing a Review Strategy, Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), business branding, and website optimization.

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