Is Your Business EATing Enough?

Do potential customers TRUST your business?

Last week was Thanksgiving and I’m still in a bit of a dessert coma from it. I’m sure we all did a lot of EATing. 
Let’s not think about that, but instead talk about your business’s EAT. Yes, it’s another acronym!
This has been a buzz word for quite a while, but it’s not too hard to remember.  Just think that your business needs EAT to get found online!

Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness – EAT

One of the best ways to improve your online Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness is by getting great online reviews.
Google even factors in your online review profiles when determining your business’s search ranking.
Reviews are an integral part of your business’s online reputation. This means that having a good review system in place is a must!

Tips for your review strategy to increase your business’s EAT!

  • Provide exceptional customer service!
  • Ask in person for a review if it fits into your business model (ex: you see all of your clients/customers when they make a purchase)
  • Include Thank You Cards with a link to leave a review in the physical package (or online email if you don’t sell products)
  • Put a Review System in place!

Your review system is your follow-up that is done automatically. You don’t have to sit down and remember to email each client/customer to ask for a review, it goes into a system that does it all for you!

Haven’t you been asked in person to leave a review and had every intention of doing so, but then forgot?

Having a system that automatically follows up is the best way to consistently get new online reviews and is a reminder after the in-person ask.

Simply getting a lot of reviews also isn’t good enough for Google and your EAT! If you don’t consistently get new reviews, your EAT will decrease over time, meaning your competitors will have an opportunity to get ahead of you in the search engine results! You certainly don’t want that!

Do you have a review system in place?

Don’t let your competitors have more EAT! Setup a review system for your business.

Tricia Clements

I help small businesses get found online. My work focuses on your business’s Google Profile (Google My Business), Implementing a Review Strategy, Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), business branding, and website optimization.

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