Google Universal Analytics End Date Announced

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Are you prepared?

Do you have GA4 installed on your website?

Google announced the end date for Universal Analytics: July 1, 2023.  For large companies and agencies using 360 Universal Analytics, you have until October 1, 2023.

How Google Universal Analytics Ending Impacts You

Google will stop tracking user hits on your website on the stated date.  You will no longer see data and reports for future “hits” by online users on your website, including those for:

  • page tracking
  • event tracking
  • ecommerce tracking
  • social interactions

Google Analytics is all about tracking and measuring your marketing efforts. If you can’t see how you are doing, you have no idea what marketing strategies work and which ones don’t. 

You won’t know where to put your marketing dollars online.

Install GA4 to Continue Collecting Data!

I wrote about installing GA4, Google’s newest version of Analytics in May of 2021. If you haven’t installed GA4, you won’t see that historical data in your GA4 account.

Google Analytics only shows data from the date you install it on your website.  You’ll miss out on all historical data on your website once Universal Analytics stops collecting data.  

If you haven’t already installed GA4, now is the time! You need to have historical data to compare and know what your marketing efforts are accomplishing.

I gave a presentation for the Atlanta SEO for Local Businesses Meetup in October 2021 on installing Google Analytics on your WordPress Website.  You can view it on YouTube.

Confused yet? It’s OK, right now you simply need to install GA4.  Reporting in GA4 isn’t ready for prime time, Google still has 15 months to tinker with it.  I’m still getting my reports from Universal Analytics and that won’t change until Google has more of the kinks worked out of GA4 reporting.

GA4 installation can get technical.  Need me to install it for you?

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