Set Up Google Analytics 4 graphs digital tablet

Google Analytics is Changing!

By Tricia Clements / May 19, 2021

What is Google Analytics and Why Do You Need It? You can do a lot with Google Analytics, but to keep it simple, it’s a tracking code that you add to your website. The code is used to track and collect data from traffic to your website to measure and analyze your website and marketing…

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Laptop with website backup on fire

Are Your Website Backups Secure?

By Tricia Clements / March 24, 2021

On March 10th, there was a massive fire at a Data Center in France. You may not have heard about it, or if you did, maybe you didn’t think it had any impact on you or your business. With information and data being global, an event like this very well could have a significant impact on your…

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